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Schedule of Events


Other Cramazing Info!

NEW LOCATION FOR THOSE WHO RSVPed for the Luncheon....Crazy Tomato in Johnson City!!!


What You need to do to get ready for race:
  • If you plan on participating in the Kingsport races (Kid races, Neil's Walk, or Crazy 8 run).....You MUST REGISTER at

         Select "Gabby's Cramazing Crew" when it ask if you are participating as part of a
         team.  Online registration deadline is July 12th.

  • Consider asking friends and family to make a donation to El Amor de Patricia ( to sponsor you in this race.  A donation would help provide much needed care for children in Guatemala.  With international adoption no longer an option, orphanages like El Amor de Patricia, are committed to providing a loving home for these beautiful children.

Schedule of Events July 14th  (Wear your Gabby shirts and bracelets!)

2pm        NEW LOCATION:  Pre-race Luncheon at CRAZY TOMATO, 203 Princeton Road,
              Johnson City.  
5pm        We will have TWO tents set up.  One will be in the fundraising tent in the
               parking lot of Dobbins Bennett.  At this tent, there will be facepainting ($1
               donation) and magnet sales ($1) donation.  The second tent will be set up in the
               park area across from Dobbins Bennett.  This will be the Rally Tent (see 8:15pm
               below for info!)

6-8pm     Kid Races - Located inside the DB Football Stadium.  If you don't want one of
              their t-shirts, this event is only $3 (register on line at

8:15pm    Rally Tent in park across from Dobbins Bennett.  Meet here for devotional,
               balloon release, snacks/drinks, and fellowship.  This tent will be a gathering
               place throughout the event.  Bring your chairs.  Any snack/drink donations
               would be very much appreciated!  Also songwriting at rally tent...bring your
               lyric ideas that will later be made into a song and put with pictures from race
               day.  You can be a Co-Writer!

8:58pm    Neil's Walk begins....directly in front of DB High School.  Again, to participate please register at

9:58pm    Crazy8s roadrace begins....directly in front of DB High School.  Again, to participate please register at to participate.

There will be Towne Acres Cheerleaders cheering on the kids races.....and lots of people there to support Team Gabby even without participating in actual please come!!! 

We can't thank all our friends, family members, corporate and individual sponsors, and local media enough for their support in this event.

A special thanks to members of Phi Mu Sorority, our Towne Acres Elementary School family, and both local and nationwide Guat families.  We love you guys!!!

Questions???  Email us at

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